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TRANSGENESIS: A series of experiments by Agnes?

Co-organised with The Orange Garden

30 April — 23 May 2021
Harlesden Highstreet — Belsize Park, London

Unfolding in three parts, TRANSGENESIS was a site-specific installation and public programme by Agnes?, evoking an evolutionary process of perpetual self-transformation and culminating in the artist’s long-durational performance: 184 hours of performance over the course of 23 consecutive days, 8 hours each day. The exhibition and performancer was augmented by choregraphy by Magnus Westwell, of which a special programme of dancers further activated the space on select days, with sound design by Portamento and costumes by Erica Curci. A special exhibition text written by myself was published to conincide with the show and a special “In Conversation” with Kostas Stasinopoulos, Assitant Curator of Live Programmes at the Serpentine Galleries was streamed live after the show’s closure. 

︎︎︎Exhibition Text
︎︎︎Press, ‘Agnes? interview with Charlie Mills’ in Coeval Magazine (2021)
︎︎︎Press, ‘Is this London’s most extreme art performance right now?’ in Time Out (2021)
︎︎︎Press, ‘TRANSGENESIS’ in Ofluxo Platform (2021)
︎︎︎Press, ‘Why the artist Agnes? is living inside an octopus for a month’ in VICE i-D (2021)
︎︎︎Press, ‘TRANSGENESIS — Agnes? interviewed by Lara Monroe’ in Autre Magazine (2021)

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