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TONDAL - Screen Test

Directors, Louis-Jack & Jack Skot 
Digital Artist, Enes Güç
Director of Photography, Matthew J Smith
Choreographer, Magnus Westwall, 
Music, Ivo Pacheco
Editor, James Stubbs
Costume Desinger & Stylist, AGF Hydra

Project Curator, Charlie Mills

Launched 9 August 2022
Debuted by FACT Magazine
Funded by Arts Council England

A screen test for a new short film 'TONDAL' currently in development by Louis-Jack and Jak Skot. A cyclical and hallucinatory odyssey through purgatory set within the confines of a nightclub, TONDAL “transplants the medieval morality narrative, Les Visions Du Chevalier Tondal, which narrates the tale of a rich and wayward knight whose soul is led through heaven and hell by a guiding angel, into the chaotic hedonism of a London nightclub.”

︎︎︎Video, TONDAL - Screen Test
︎︎︎ Press, ‘Louis-Jack & Jak Skot journey through a purgatorial nightclub in Tondal — Feature by Henry Bruce-Jones’ in FACT Magazine (online, 2022)

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