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Slap Dash for No Cash

Rosie Kennedy, Lewis Henderson, Hadas Auerbach, Jack Jubb, Marie Jacotey, Jessy Jetpacks

Co-organised with Lewis Henderson

7 — 21 September 2018
Art Academy Newington, London

Slap Dash for No Cash was an exhibition that brought together the work of six city-based artists, each engulfed by the modern metropolis where time is money and money is time. Each artist presented in Slap Dash for No Cash works from the bottom up, willing to lay bare their materials and show the hand of their work.

Surrounded by and embedded within alienating systems and objects, it is easy to lose sight of the nature of things, as if the strobe light of technology and speed had been cranked up to a single blinding flash. Slap Dash for No Cash celebrated a DIY aesthetic that champions art’s means of production as an end in itself. 
︎︎︎Publication, Slap Dash for No Cash (London: Elam Publishing, 2018)

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