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Charlie Billingham, Lydia Blakeley, Sharon Eyal, Danny Fox, Christopher Hartmann, Norman Hyams, Kingsley Ifill, Yulia Iosilzon, Damien Jalet, Dale Lewis, James Lincoln, George Rouy, Xiuching Tsay, Harley Weir

Organised with Hannah Barry Gallery

23 February — 15 May 2020
Hannah Barry Gallery, London

Entering a crowd bodies are cannibalised and repurposed. The result can be liberation—the ecstasy of the dancefloor, voices amplified in protest—as much as enclosure. Crowd was a group presentation of artists that reflect on and challenge ideologies of the crowd and forms of collective experience that take us beyond our physical and psychological limits. 

︎︎︎Press Release
︎︎︎Press, ‘Crowd — Review by Maya Asha McDonald’ in ArteViste (online, 2020)
︎︎︎Press, ‘Crowd at Hannah Barry Gallery’ in émergent Magazine (online, 2020)

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