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Bold Tendencies: Ecology

Arjuna Neuman, João Vasco Paiva, Irina Kirchuk, Emilija Škarnulytė, Lawrence Lek, Sterling Ruby, Johann Arens, Jenna Sutela, Richard Wentworth, Siân Lyn Hutchings

Programmed with Bold Tendencies

18 May — 22 September 2018
Bold Tendencies, London

In a world where Peruvian ice cores are stuffed with lead, corporations have more rights than humans, and gut bacteria helps develop infant brains, to think ‘ecologically’ has acquired new meaning. Finding points of connection between bacteria, artificial intelligence and recycling; between rural and urban, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, Bold Tendencies 2018 presented the work of ten artists that bravely traverse this new ecological terrain. 

︎︎︎Press Release
︎︎︎Event, Lawrence Lek: Farsight Corporate Launch (Wednesday 1 Aug 2018)
︎︎︎Event, The Ecology of Sound: Siân Lyn Hutchings & The Noematic Collective (Friday 20 September 2018)
︎︎︎Event, Sonic Journal Workshop: Siân Lyn Hutchings & The Noematic Collective (Monday 16 September 2018)
︎︎︎Event, COBRA Workshop: Siân Lyn Hutchings & The Noematic Collective (Sunday 15 September 2018)
︎︎︎Press, ‘Bold Tendencies: Ecology — Review by Claire Oberst’ in Alhaus Magazine (online, 2018)

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