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Bold Tendencies: Arcadia

Rebecca Ackroyd, Frances Drayson, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andy Holden, Rene Matić, Jesse Pollock, Harold Offeh 

Programmed with Bold Tendencies

18 May — 18 September 2021
Bold Tendencies, London

Bold Tendencies 2021 explored the subject of Arcadia. Asking what drives our desperation for the outside, what Arcadia renders possible today and what is prohibited by it. Through the work of 7 artists, the programme explored  what happens when our connection to nature—and to each other—frays and unravels; how utopian dreams succumb to the theatre of ideology and its discontents; and how our contemporary moment, defined by renewed questions of rural and metropolitan, local and global, science and mysticism, has ignited new and dynamic perspectives on a subject old as the Garden itself, asking what Arcadia looks and feels like in the 21st century.

︎︎︎ Press, ‘The Top 6 Outdoor Artworks to see this Summer’ in FAD Magazine (online, 2021)

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