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Hadas Auerbach, Luca Bosani, Tom Ribot, James Capper, Emma Cousin, Pippa Easton, Jack Evans, Liam Fallon, Elliot Fox, Roxman Gatt, Rosie Gibbens, Andrew Peirre Hart, Melloney Harvey, Norman Hyams, Natalia G Marten, Luzgina McShane, Lindsey Mendick, Amanda Moström, Anna Perach, Jesse Pollock, Yasmin Robsinson, Andrew Sunderland, Felix Treadwell, Gianna T., Xiuching Tsay, Giovanni Vetere, Paul Vivian, Jim Woodall

Co-organised with Billy Fraser & James Capper

7 — 15 September 2019
Spit & Sawdust, London

Comprising 3 major exhibitions of emerging artists over the course of 12 months, ABSINTHE was a hybrid, eclectic and at points inexplicable presentation of the weirder side of London’s emerging art scene; a kaleidoscopic trip into the city’s  alternative art practices. ABSINTHE §3 presented the work of 28 London-based artists and participated in Art Licks Weekend 2019: Interdependence. 

︎︎︎Event, Art Licks Weekend 2019: ABSINTHE — ‘The Bar Fight’ with Nina Davies, curated by Georgia Stephenson (Saturday 19 October 2019)
︎︎︎Event, Art Licks Weekend 2019: ABSINTHE — ‘Long Lost’ with Rosie Abbey, curated by Georgia Stephenson (Sunday 20 October 2019)

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